Commercial Graphics

Positive "word of month" advertising from new customers is the best advertising to buy... if you could. Truth is that kind of "advertising" is earned (that's your job) but only once you are able to capture their attention (that's where we can help) will you be in a position to win their business. Today there are many avenues (print and digital) to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Its best to have a memorable logo and slogan and to deploy it consistently and with pride. Fuzo Media can work with you to design the perfect logo and provide camera ready art or digital file to use for advertising and printing (business cards, etc). Remember, your building a brand name; so work it! And yes, logos is just the tip of our iceberg; whatever your business needs to say and show (paper or digital) we can getting it ready to present to the world.

Media Services

Marketing: a portion of that is still done today in printed form. A larger portion is done online. Your businesses' message whether in printed form, broadcasted (e.g, Radio/TV) and/or online (Internet) needs to be clear and consistent. All of these contain words (printed or spoken) and likely images (still or moving). We can help take things from an idea to ready to go to the printer or to be posted online.

Publishing (print or digital): from simply business cards to books/manuals and the plethora in between; we've handle many projects... let's talk.

IT Consultancy

We can offer your business access to 20+ years of knowledge, skill and expertise (within a variety of environments from small business to enterprise scale). Network design/implementation, server management, project management and security assessment are some of the services we offer. If you are running a business with computers connected to the Internet and no IT Pros on staff... you are running a "risky" business "data wise" that is primed to be compromised (if not already). If so, I strongly recommend we have a chat.