Our Approach


We listen to our client to find out what challenge, problem or weakness they are facing, and help them to visulize these for what they are... an opportunity.


We think deeply to graps the opportunity context and then brainstorm with our client to identify the services or solutions with the best potential.


We encourage our client to seek out feedback and input from other sources; to investigate like services and solutions that worked and review those that did not.


We do all of this to empower our client with vital knowledge, so when they are ready to commit, our client can do so with certainity of our integrity and earnestness to meet their needs.

Our Story

It was 1990, I was a young man who had served my country in the Air Force for four years. I had been out for a couple of years working my way through college when circumstance and a spark of entrepreneurship struck me head-on. Not longer after, I began a freelance desktop publishing business; doing business as (DBA) Austin & Associates. The "Associates" where whomever I could entice (girl-friend, now spouse) into assisting me with completing the latest project; or one of a few commercial printers I contracted with for their services. I invested into my first computer, desktop publising software and laser printer to enable the endeavor (i.e., to create and produce camera-ready art). Computers in the early 90s were not as user-friendly as today and so I gained an "education" in keeping things operating which later influenced my college degree path. Austin & Associates served both individuals and businesses (profit and non-profit) for many years while I "worked my way" through college. Austin & Associates offered many services: business logo design and brading, print communications (product labels, flyers, programs, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, color separation for print and advertising, etc.). We also handled mail order marketing for a time for a medical device company. Like most students, the degree goals I began with (Engieering) change over time (Management Information Systems). Newly married, the loss of a steady job, and the pressing need to finish my degree (to start a career); Austin & Associates was put aside for life priorities. Many years later I "rebooted" the business (i.e., DBA FuzoMedia) while working my new steady "career" job. Today, my "career" (Department Head of IT for a manufacturing company) keeps me busy but I still find time for clients old and new. On occasion, I have offered IT Consultancy services to my clients and former employers. For all of our print communications services; my wife is a great partner, helper and fantastic proof-reader; together we've handled all such client projects successfully. Perhaps we can be of service to your business too.

Next Steps...

Did you find a challenge, problem or weakness... or did it find you; perhaps we can be of service.